April 2018

These are used personal components. (The components from my former retail store in Toronto, Canada, were all sold many years ago.)

All the below prices are in U.S. Dollars.

Shipping will be from Florida.

I no longer have a retail business, so I only accept personal bank drafts, money orders and wire transfers (and NOT PayPal).


Coincident Pure Reference Extreme Speakers

The Coincident Pure Reference Extreme (PRE) has been my personal reference speaker since 2009. They are in excellent condition and have never been abused in any manner. I am selling them for only one reason: To replace them with the newest model, the PRE MK. II (see the related link below for more information on the MK. II). Note: I originally had two pairs of the PRE, stacked, but one pair has already been sold.

The PRE is rarely for sale on the used market. In fact, I haven't seen a used PRE for sale in literally years. This is not surprising, because of the PRE's outstanding overall performance, value, practicality and sensitivity (see the link below for my PRE review). In the rare event a PRE is being sold used, it's almost always because of some peripheral, life-changing or domestic issue and not because of any audiophile dissatisfaction with its performance.

However, there is one issue with this PRE. The cosmetics, specifically the front veneer panel joints on the two subwoofers, are second-rate (see pictures). This cosmetic problem has no effect on the performance of the PRE, obviously, but it will still require some rudimentary woodworking (sanding, staining and re-oiling) to bring them back up to par. Accordingly, I will offer an allowance on the selling price.

Caveat - The PRE speaker system, which is two subwoofers and two monitors, does NOT include either the stands for the monitors or the spikes for the subwoofers.

According to the manufacturer, the price for the used Pure Reference Extreme pair, if it was in excellent cosmetic condition, would be $ 14,750. However, due to the cosmetic flaws, I am reducing the price to $ 13,850, a savings of $ 900, which can then be used for a local woodworker. For those who are handy, it's a $ 900 savings for a simple DIY woodworking job. Some audiophiles, like myself, may not even be bothered by the cosmetics.

Shipping (390 lbs) of the PRE is extra. The PRE is located in Florida (34986). Local pickup can also be arranged.

Relevant Links:

My Comprehensive Review of the Coincident Pure Reference Extreme Speakers

Coincident Speaker PRE MK. II Update Announcement & Further Information



P1010807 P1010808


Forsell Air Reference Turntable and Tonearm

The Forsell was my personal reference turntable and tonearm for more than 17 years. This is the exact model that I personally used between 2003 and 2010. I am NOT the owner of the Forsell. It is owned by my close friend, Irv Isenberg (Ars Acoustica), who generously loaned it to me during this period. I am listing it on his behalf. My postings on the Forsell are in the Reference Turntable File.

My friend is asking $ 5,500 for the combination. It includes one high quality air regulator for the tonearm. Pictures are available on request, though the quality is poor because they were taken in a closet. The Forsell can be picked up, or possibly hand delivered, if the purchaser resides on the east coast of the United States, or in southern Ontario Canada. It can also be shipped out in a custom made container.


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Powerware 9120 1500 AC Regenerator with Backup UPS

This is an AC Regenerator which also uses internal batteries. It has an option for added external batteries that can even be swapped while in use. It is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. This model has a capacity of 1050 watts. The internal batteries last 7 minutes at full power and 18 minutes at half power (575 watts). It has been cleaned internally (see picture), unlike the "refurbished" models I've seen.

This commercial/industrial unit has been modified for home audio use by switching the rear fan to a Nexus (see picture), which is famous for being quiet. The stock fan was so noisy it could be heard more than 50 feet away, which I found impossible to live with. This modification was labor intensive, but it was well worth it.

While a picture displays the current batteries at "100% charged", this must be disregarded as these batteries are now old and can no longer handle a load.

The price is $ 250 without the replacement batteries, which will also save shipping costs. I originally had three of these 9120 1500 models for sale, all of them in the same excellent condition. Two of them have been sold. The model in the picture may not be the remaining model for sale.

While I've had no problems with any of the models, with the exception of routine battery replacement, this model is still being sold "AS-IS".





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