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Adelaide (Australian Manufacturer of Ascension high resolution speakers and kits. Sells direct.)
Airtech (MG-1 Air bearing tonearm-similar to Air Tangent)
Apogee Acoustics (Apogee Ribbon Speakers reincarnated in Australia, with new and more sensitive models)
Arthur Loesch Home Audio System (Manufacturer of "a completely integrated playback system")
Artisan Audio (U.K. Importer and Dealer of "Alternative/High Value" Components)
Artisan Fidelity ("Hand Crafted Plinths, Upgrades and Modifications" for Idler and Direct Drives)
Audio Consulting (Speakers and amplification in Germany)
Audio Cubes II (Japanese exporter of high quality cartridges-Denon, Dynavector, Koetsu etc.)
Audio Origami (UK Specialist in Tonearm rewiring, plus parts)
Audio Revelation (Origin and Shelter Dealer-Analog Specialist)
Avondale Audio (UK based transistor preamps, amps, power supplies and DIY modules, plus Naim service and upgrades)

BD-Design (DIY Horn Speakers and Electronics from Holland)
Beer City Audio (Tritium Air Bearing Turntable & Tonearm, DIY, plus amplifier, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Beveridge Audio (Legendary Electrostatic Speaker Manufactuer, reborn, which now sells direct)

The Cartridge Man (Cartridge Repair and "Music Maker" Cartridge)
Channel Islands Audio (A passive/active preamp, plus other electronics reasonably priced)
Coincident Speaker Technology (High-efficiency speakers, tube electronics and cables)
Custom Analogue Audio (JLTi & Joe Rasmussen Electronics, Speaker Kit and OPPO Upgrades from Austalia) NEW 06/19

Darwin Cables (Silver Cables at reasonable prices)
Day Planet (Speakers designed specifically to reproduce Jazz)
Denon Specifications (For a Variety of Phono Components)
Denon Aluminum Body (Aluminum Body Cap for Denon DL-103/R)
Doge 8 (Doge 8 Preamplifier) NEW 02/19
Durand Tonearms (The manufacturer of the Talea II and Telos tonearms, with "the ability to adjust the azimuth on the fly")

EIFL-Koji (Shelter and Denon Cartridges-From Japan)
Electronic Visionary Systems (Source of "Ultimate Attenuators", which can eliminate line stages)
EMIA (Portal for Intact Audio & Experience Music)
Erzetich Audio (Headphone Amplifiers)
Euphoria Speakers (An Interesting Speaker Design from Ontario Canada)
Expressimo Audio ("Super Precision Turntables" plus "Custom Turntable Builder" and More)
Extreme Phono (Cetech-Improved subchassis for Linn Sondek LP-12)

Galen Carol Audio (Denon Cartridges/Origin Importer)
Galibier Design (An "offshoot" of the Redpoint Turntable Designs)
GedLee Acoustic Science (DIY and Assembled High-Efficiency Speakers Designed by Dr. Earl Geddes)
GSP Audio (Phono stages and head amplifiers)

Hagerman Technology (Tube Phono Stages and Reverse RIAA Device)
Herbies Audio Lab (Tube Dampers, Isolation Devices)
HiFiDo (Japanese source for Denon cartridges)
High Water Sound (NYC Retailer and Importer of TW-Acustic, Horning, Aspara, Tron, Thoress and SilverTone)
The Horn Shoppe (High Efficiency, Single Driver Speakers, plus an unique hybrid line stage named "The Truth")

Idler Wheel Drive (Jean Nantais upgrades to the Lenco and other high-quality idler, rim and direct drive turntables)
Inexpiable Audio (Amplifiers and cables, direct sales)
Inspire Hi-Fi (Turntable upgrades, for both DD and ID, plus others, located in the UK)
Intact Audio (Magnetics from Dave Slagle)

Janszen Audio (Electrostatic Speakers)
Juicy Music (Tube Preamplifiers from the original owner of Paragon)
KAB Electro Acoustics (U.S. based Phono Specialists)
LightSpeed Attenuator (A unique passive attenuator using LEDs. Australian. Sells direct.)

Mapleshade (Cables, isolation devices and stands, modified vintage tube equipment)
The Missing Link (Custom Linn LP-12 & TD-150 Rebuilds, Upgrades & Kits, plus DIY and Cables, from the UK)
Mockingbird Distribution (Jasmine Phono Stage and MC Cartridges plus other lines)
Morrison Audio (Unique point-source, omni-directional speakers, plus line preamp)
Mother of Tone (Minimalist, battery powered amplifier, DAC and ADC from Germany)

Odyssey Audio (Epiphony speaker is similar to Spica TC-50, preamps, amps, cables etc.)
Origin Live (Denon Cartridges, Rega Tonearms-Modified, Phono Accessories)

Perfect Sound (Specialists in spare parts for the classic Garrard 301 and 401 turntables)
PhonoPhono (A German source for the Denon DL103 cartridge and other phono components)
Pi Speakers (High Efficiency Speakers, at reasonable prices, both DIY and manufactured)
Promitheus Audio (Transformer passive preamp, plus phono stage, cables and amplifiers from Malaysia)
PTP Audio (Manufacturer of the PTP for the Lenco, plus two turntables using the Lenco drive system)

R2R Audio (Single 15" driver, Full-Range, High-Efficency Speakers, with Built-In Amplifiers)
Redgum Audio (Various electronics, CD players and Speakers from Australia)
SAC Thailand (Custom made Tube electronics and transformers made in Thailand)
SAS Audio (Tube Preamps and power amps)
SORA Sound (ZYX Cartridges, phono stage and step-up plus Graham and Tri-Planar tonearms)
Sound Foundations (Turntable Platter Ring Clamp from India) NEW 06/19
Sound HiFi (Denon Cartridges)
Soundsmith (Strain Gauge Cartridge plus Electronics and Speakers)
Space Tech Laboratory (Custom Made Tube Electronics)
Star Sound (Sonoran Cables and "Resonance Energy Transfer Products")
Supersonido (A Spanish retailer who sells Denon 103 cartridges)

Teresonic (High-Efficiency & Single-Driver Speakers and SET Amplifiers)
Tonian Labs (High Efficiency speakers, plus cables and isolation devices)
Tortuga Audio (Light based passive line stages. Sells direct.)
Trans-Fi Audio (Home of of the "Terminator" linear, air-bearing tonearm and "Salvation" Rim-Drive Turntable)
Transcendent Sound (Proven OTL Amps, Preamps, Phono Stage, DIY Kits, Tube Analyzer and a Helpful Message Board)

Vacuum State (Interesting and Innovative Audio Electronics and modifications by Allen Wright)
Audio by Van Alstine (Quality components and modifications, reasonable prices, decades of experience)
Walker Audio (Turntable/tonearm, SST Contact Enhancer, Isolation Devices)
Wave Kinetics (Turntables and Vibration Control Systems)
Waynes Audio (Turntable Platter Ring Weight from California) NEW 06/19
Zu Audio (High Efficiency Speakers and Cables)


ALK Engineering ("Specializing in filter design software and Klipsch loudspeaker upgrades".) NEW 01/19
Aspen Amplifiers (DIY Minimalist Amplifier Kits)
The Audio Circuit (Separate Files on Different Component Types, Manufactured and DIY)

Bastanis (SET Friendly speakers and kits from Germany)
Bent Audio (Unique Passive Linestages and Transformers including Kits and DIY)
Bottlehead (Kits and DIY)

Common Sense Audio (DIY or Complete SET-Friendly Speakers)
Curcio Audio Engineering (DIY Tube Parts and Kits, plus repairs of Dynaco and Beveridge ESL)

Decware (Popular Kits)
DIY Audio (DIY Forum "For Fanatics")
DIY HiFi Supply (Kits, tubes, including TJ 300B "Mesh", and rare, very high-quality parts for DIY)
Duelund Audio (Outstanding, and very expensive, passive parts)
DIY Loudspeakers (Huge Selection of DIY Speakers Designed by Troels Gravesen. Located in Denmark.)

GedLee Acoustic Science (DIY and Assembled High-Efficiency Speakers Designed by Dr. Earl Geddes)
Hiend Audio (Modifications, Parts and DIY Projects, located in Poland)
HiFi Collective (Kits and Parts in the U.K.)
Humble Homemade Hi-Fi (DIY Speakers)

Lampizator by Fikus (DIY Tube and Digital Upgrades from Europe)
Linkwitz Lab (DIY/Factory built "Orion", "Pluto" & other Speakers-highly admired by Peter Aczel of The Audio Critic)
Michael Percy Audio (Good selection of high-quality DIY parts)
Music and Design (DIY Speaker Instructions and Parts)

Nutshell HiFi (Importers of DACT and some DIY)
PASS DIY/First Watt (DIY, Kits and Articles from Nelson Pass)
RJM Audio (Various plans for DIY projects)

Shackman Electrostatics (Electrostatics and DIY Projects from Germany)
Sonic Craft (DIY parts for kits and modifications, including their own Teflon Capacitors)
Spica Speaker Enthusiast (Information, Projects and repairs of Spica Speakers)
Supravox (A French company with a growing reputation for excellent DIY drivers and speakers)

Tempest Audio (DIY Speaker Parts and Kits from Holland)
TRT-Wonder Caps (InfiniCaps and DynamiCaps, plus Wonder wire and solder)

VH Audio (Teflon and Oil Capacitors, Wire, Cords and Cables)
Vinyl Savor (Informative Blog dedicated to tubes, plus Amplifiers and Kits for sale)
Volti Audio ("Specializing in Klipsch Speaker Upgrades and Restoration")
Wood Horn (DIY Horn Speakers)


Redpoint Audio Design (A further development of the Teres DIY Turntable Project)
Teres Audio (DIY High-Quality Turntables)
Turntable Belts-Elex Atelier (A source for rare turntable belts)


Acoustic Solid (Interesting German Turntables)
AcuHorn (SET friendly, point source, dipole horn speakers, with no crossover, from Europe)
Analysis Audio (A "manufacturer of the highest quality, high performance planar-ribbon loudspeakers available")
Angstrom Research (Italian manufacturer of tube electronics)
Ars Acoustica (No current website. E-mail address only)
Aspara Acoustics (U.K. Manufacturer of the HL1 high-efficency horn speaker)
Atma-sphere Music Systems
Audible Illusions
AUDIOPAX (Amplifiers, speakers and a preamp from a highly talented and innovative Brazilian designer)
Avid Turntables (Acutus)

David Berning Amplifiers (Unique, innovative designs)
Bertrand Audio
Brentworth Sound Lab (Crossoverless and High-efficiency speakers)

Canary Audio (High quality tube amps and preamps)
Contrast Audio (Ukranian Manufacturer of Interesting Speakers) NEW 08/18
Convergent Audio Technology (CAT)/Ken Stevens (No current website. E-mail address only)

deHavilland Amplifiers (Innovative and Reasonably Priced SET Designs)
Divergent Technology (Distributor for Antique Sound Labs "Hurricane")
DS Audio (Optical Cartridges of modern design, which have unique qualities.)
Eminent Technology (Air-bearing tonearm, Planar speakers and unique "Rotary" Subwoofer- 1Hz!)
En Vogue Quasar Turntable
Etalon Sound (Various electronics, speakers and cables from Germany.)

Graham Engineering (The New Phantom B-44 and their other famous pivoted tonearms)
Grandprix Audio (A highly innovative turntable plus isolation stands)
Jasmine Audio (Chinese manufacturer of tube electronics, speakers and cables)
KR Audio (Tubes, amplifiers, preamplifiers)
Kuzma Audio (Turntables, Tonearms & Ultra Sonic Record Cleaning)

Lansche Audio (Speaker with Ion Tweeter from Germany)
Legend HiFi (North American Importers of Piega Speakers from Switzerland)
Loricraft (Garrard 501, 301/401 upgrades and serious record cleaning machines)

Manley Labs
Marchand Electronics
McIntosh Labs (Legendary manufactuer of audio electronics)
Michell GyroDec/Orbe Turntables
ModWright Instruments (SACD Modifications plus tube preamplifiers)
MSB Technology
Music First Audio (Passive Preamplifiers & MC Step-up using Transformers, plus tube phono stage. U.K. based.)

Nida Audio (Manufactures an "Active High-Definiton Loudspeaker")
Oracle Turntables
Peak Consult (Danish speaker manufacturer)
QUAD (Germany)

Sakura Systems (Home of 47 Labs)
Silversmith Audio
SOTA Turntables (They offer direct sales on "refurbished" and "B-stock" models)
Surreal Speakers (Interesting single driver with dipole bass)

Tone Imports (North American Importer and Distributor for Shindo Labs, Auditorium 23, Leben Hi-Fi, Euphya Audi and EMT)
Tom Evans Audio Design (Innovative Phono Stages, Line Stages and Amplifiers-UK based)
Townshend Audio (Unique Turntables, Isolation devices, speaker, super tweeter, etc)
Transcriptors (U.K. Manufacturer of Turntables since 1960)
Transmission Audio (Amazing Variety of Full Ribbon and Hybrid Speakers from Sweden)
Tri-Cell Enterprises (A Canadian distributor of numerous interesting lines)
True Audiophile (North American Importer of Audion Tube Electronics, Elrog and Lindemann)

Van den Hul
Wavelength Audio (Advanced SET Designs, RS Labs)
WLM Loudspeakers (High-Efficiency Speakers and custom electronics from Germany)
Wyetech Labs (Canadian Manufacturer of High Quality Tube Electronics)


Anti-Cables (Possibly excellent value for the money)
Audio Excellence (Home of the Audiodharma cable cooker)
Brilliance Hi-Fi (Assorted Audio and Video Cables from the U.K.)
Essential Sound ("A/C Power Cords and Accessories")
My Audio Cables (Interconnect, Speaker and AC Cables at reasonable prices)
Revelation Audio Labs (Assorted Cables-Analog, digital, speaker and power)
RU Connected (A Dutch based cable company)
Supra Cables (Swedish manufacturer of inexpensive cables of possible high quality)
Wireworld (Huge assortment of cables)


CIH Audio Repair (A repair center just north of Tampa, Florida, with "electronic technicians and engineers")
Curcio Audio Engineering (DIY Tube Parts and Kits, plus repairs of Dynaco and Beveridge ESL)
Krell Service (Specialists for all vintage Krell products)
Magnestand (Upgrades to Magnepan Speakers)
Music Technology (Conrad Johnson repairs and upgrades, plus SACD upgrades)
The Needle Clinic (Phono Cartridge Repair and Retipping)
Response Audio (Modification Services-Specialists in Jolida and ASL Hurricane)
Service Department (Warranty service for Chord, Exposure, Vintage Krell, Parasound and GamuT)
True Soundworks Audio (Apogee Speaker Restoration and Upgrades in North America)

Tom Tutay
Transition Audio Design
24 Elm Avenue SE
Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548-5622

Tutay does the Altec 1570 Modification. He also repairs, custom designs and builds tube preamplifiers, crossovers and power amplifiers. He is even now making his own audio cables. He is also the repair center for Air Tight components.

Don Allen - Contact Information

Allen designs and builds custom made tube electronics. A growing number of audiophiles swear by his custom built tube amplifiers, plus his tube electronic repair skills. Also, Don's one phone number is also his private phone number, so I would think twice before calling him. This is the reason why I will not post it.

Scott Frankland - Contact Information

Scott Frankland Assoc.
706 Charcot Avenue
San Jose, CA 95131

408-432-1500 TEL
408-432-1501 FAX


Analog Lovers (A website dedicated to Analog sources and "lovers")
The Audio Beatnik (Audio website of Jack Roberts, a reviewer I respect.)
The Audio Critic (The "Bible" of "Audio Objectivists". Editor has died, so back issues only.)
Audiophil-Online (A German website discussing audio components, accessories and "tuning")
The Audio Perfectionist (The editor is very experienced and objective. Stopped publishing in 2009, but old issues are still available as PDF files.)
Audio Reputation (For audio beginners and those who are headphone oriented.) NEW 08/18
Bound for Sound (No ads, and it shows, but very little content)
Boston Audio Society (Includes some relevant technical articles)

Dagogo (Audio reviews and reports)
Enjoy the Music ("Mainstream" and "commercial", but their Show Reports and the reviews of tubes and parts have real value)
Greek Audiophile Club
Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg (Fascinating and Informative Articles and Essays from the late and highly missed Audio "Professor")
International Audio Review (Home of Peter Moncrieff-Stopped Publishing in 2009)
Mono & Stereo (A new audio webzine, European based, with plenty of interviews)
REG on Audio (Audio Articles written by Robert E Greene of TAS)
Romy The Cat's Site (An Unique and Avantgarde view of music reproduction)

6 Moons Webzine (Excellent for finding new, innovative manufacturers, and with outstanding photos, but it's NOT truly critical)
Stereomojo (An audio webzine that has actual shootouts with unambiguous results)
10 Audio (An Interesting Audio Review Webzine)
TNT-Audio (An improved version of Soundstage)
Vacuum Tube Valley (Highly informative, but beware of their increasing commercial conflicts)
WAJ on Audio (An Audio Webzine, without ads, that has some interesting articles and promises to be "honest and hard hitting")


The Analog Department (Large Thorens area, with manuals, drawings, tips and hints etc.)
Andrew's Audio (An Incredible Amount of Links)
The Anstendig Institute (Thoughtful Essays on Audio, Home Theater and other subjects)
Audio Tools
Audio Voice Acoustics (A Forum for Horn Enthusiasts, including some DIY Discussion)
The Cartridge Database (A huge database of Phono Cartridges and Tonearms)
Cartridge (Excellent Guide to Cartridge Set-Up)
Conrad-Johnson Owners (Conrad-Johnson news and information.)
Cymbiosis Linn LP-12 Guides (Linn Sondek LP-12 Set-Up Guides)

Daily Audiophile (They list what well-known audio websites are currently reporting on)
Denon 103 Pickups (Pictures/Short Descriptions in German)
French Vintage Hi-Fi (Website dedicated to vintage audio components from France)
Kruipen (Audio "Blue Book" and Price History of Components and Accessories)
Retro Hi-Fi Heaven (Fascinating website for retro fans, Klipsch oriented)
Steve Ekblad's Audio Links (Extremely Large and Complete)
Single-Ended Triode Links Page
The Best Turntable (Budget models and despite the title, this website is for turntable beginners only.)

Thirty Years of Digital... (An Interesting Essay Concerning Digital and Absolute Polarity)
Thorens Information (In German-but answers in English are possible)
Top Record Players (Basic Turntable Information and Advice designed for novices, despite the title) NEW 06/19
All About Vacuum Tubes (Articles about Vacuum Tubes)
Vintages HiFi (European Vintage site for components built from 1970 to 1982)
Vinyl Engine (Articles and Manuals to download- "Forums" are sadly dominated by "Linnies")


Audio Asylum, Tube Asylum and Vinyl Asylum Etc.
Audiogon (Best "Analog Discussion" and "Used Component" section)
AudioShark (Forums and Marketplace for Audiophiles)
Head-Fi.Org (Headphone Coverage and Discussion, along with other components)
HiFi Hock (U.S. based "Audio Trading Place" with Forums)
Lenco Heaven (Website dedicated to Upgrading & Discussing Lenco Idler-Drive Turntables)
Stereolist (A new audio component Buy/Sell website with a Forum)
USA Audio Mart (Website that will post audio classifieds for free!)

LP'S-NEW & USED/Collector's Information

The Music Parlour (Information and free downloads for serious classical music record collectors)
Miles to Mozart (Interesting Blog for serious record collectors)
Deadwax Cafe/Phonogram Phonogram is a unique blend of esoteric information, naked egotism and pure "BS"
Record Collecting Resources
Vinyl Connections (LPs from the UK, sale and auction)
Arcana-Collector (Rare and Collectible Classical Records)
Revolutions Records ("Photographic Guide to British Classical Music Label Variations")
Kingsway Hall Classics ("Website Offering Hundreds of Fine Quality Classical Records")


1. I do NOT "exchange" Links. All Links must provide products or services which I feel are unique and interesting to the readers.

2. I am looking for the original sources of audio (DIY) parts, components and accessories; Manufacturers and/or Continental Distributors.

3. I am also looking for expert repair centers and modification specialists, especially for tube electronics.

4. Accordingly, common audio component/accessory retailers will NOT be listed, unless they are also "original sources" or are service specialists.







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