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Audio Critique is my audio "journal". It is a venue for uncensored essays and criticism concerning the entire High-End Audio Industry. This section includes my audio philosophy, opinions, observations, perspective and advice, plus a focus on the so-called "underground press".

First, there is a huge and thorough Reference Components Section, which encompasses the entire history of high-end audio. It is the most popular section of this website. There are separate files for each individual component category. A number of highly select components, which I feel are particularly important, even have their own dedicated files.

Then there is a list of more than 1,000 of the best sounding LPs that I and my associates have ever heard: The Supreme Recordings. In addition, within a number of separate files, are detailed descriptions of most records. In total, these description files are the size of a novel!

Audio Critique is the most valuable and provocative part of the entire website. It offers a truly different outlook. It is meant to be a refuge for those readers who are bored and/or disgusted with the typical garbage, pabulum, mindless "cheerleading" and politics they've repeatedly encountered in the print audio magazines and later in their relatives on the Internet.

If you are looking for substance, and a direct, uncompromising and critical attitude, you will find it here. The editor has been an audiophile for more than 50 years, and was an "insider" in the audio business for more than 20 years.

There is even a Reviewing the 'Reviewers' section. By using their own written words, a number of well-known, so-called "audio reviewers" are unmasked and exposed in a manner unlike anything else ever seen in print, the Internet or otherwise.

The most recent column is devoted to a late critic of this website, Charles Hansen of Ayre Acoustics, who disclosed his true thoughts and feelings about Stereophile, John Atkinson and the audio press only a month before his death. It should not be missed: CHARLES HANSEN'S FINAL POSTS ON AUDIO ASYLUM.



Used or Auditioned Components, Cables or Accessories For Sale

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In the Links section, I have provided a direct link for every direct seller I could find.

There is also a growing number of DIY sites, plus some obscure manufacturers which readers may find interesting. (I am not involved in any of the transactions.) I am always looking for more links that will help my readers find superior components and accessories at direct or wholesale prices.

My ultimate goal is to make this the most informative and useful audio website on the Internet. I will update and expand this website as often as I can to achieve that goal.

Good reading and listening!

"Music is more profound than Philosophy" -Beethoven

"The unexamined life is not worth living" -Socrates