HIGH-END AUDIO LTD., a retail store in Toronto, Canada, began operating on August 13, 1981, and it closed on October 21, 2001, after the most recent "Canadian Winter" had forced me to reevaluate my choice of living location.

I have since moved to Florida. My future there will not entail opening an audio store, but I would still like to make a crystal clear statement:

This website will continue operating indefinitely.

Just as Important: This is now a totally non-commercial site.


The store's remaining equipment, both demonstrators and trade-ins, was all shipped to Florida. Virtually everything has been sold. The few remaining components, cables and accessories are listed below, along with any components I purchased for auditions and/or personal use.


Vacuum Tubes have their own list.


I don't have the proper words to thank the many customers who have patronized this store during the last 20 years, despite its unusual location (a basement), its crude appearance and my uncompromising and direct manner.

Much, if not most, of what I have learned, was from our shared experiences, either in the store, or in the customers' homes. It is impossible for me to put a price on the knowledge and the experiences I have accumulated during this 20-year period. So, now I must say...

Farewell, and good listening to all.