My Audio Background

I have been an audiophile since 1967. I was in a University at the time, working part-time as a music librarian, even though I was studying Accounting and business for my bachelor's degree. I was unhappy with the sound reproduction in the music library's listening room. Eventually my complaints reached the ears of other audio enthusiasts and off I went.

My exact moment of revelation: Comparing my Kenwood receiver to the guy down the hall's Dynaco PAS-3/Stereo 70/AR-4x system. The immediate result: Goodbye Julian Hirsch, Stereo Review and High Fidelity, and hello J. Gordon Holt and Stereophile.

I lived in Canada from 1970 until 2001/2. At first, times were very tough for me, but eventually I put enough money together to buy, and sell, a large selection of used equipment. I didn't do this to make money (I had another business at the time), but I couldn't resist hearing and comparing different components and systems. By 1981, there was very little in serious components that I hadn't heard. Then I started a retail store, High-End Audio Ltd.. I was fortunate of have a 1,000 sq. ft. basement store that was empty in a building I owned, and it had almost 10 ft. high ceiling. I figured that I was spending half the day talking and reading about audio anyway.

I ran High-End Audio Ltd. from 1981 till early 1991. That year I "sold" the business and semi-retired. In the 10 years I operated the store, I heard, and compared, more models of components than I could ever remember. Buying, selling, trading etc. Always trying out everything I could get my hands on, just to find out which of them were truly exceptional. I also visited the homes of countless audiophiles and heard their systems in depth, while often switching components. These experiences are the only way you can ever really learn about "music reproduction". Not reading "underground" magazines, listening to self-proclaimed "gurus", or even making the odd change in your own system.

In 1996, I took back the store High-End Audio. The person who had "purchased" it never paid me in full and, if that wasn't enough, he had alienated virtually every (now former) customer. The high-end audio business had changed profoundly in those 5 years. Actually, the changes had started earlier, in the late 1980's, which is the reason I had "retired" in the first place. Unfortunately, the changes were mainly, though not exclusively, for the worse.

I ran High-End Audio for another 5 years, but the Canadian Winters eventually proved too difficult for me to live through, so I closed my successful business and I have since moved to Florida, where I am now semi-retired.

The creation of this website was the result of:

1. The desire to document and share my (and my friends) many experiences of the last 40+ years, and...

2. The disappointment and frustration I feel with the current status of our hobby/passion/business and the events and changes that brought us to this point.

No audio magazine would even consider printing what you will read here, and that in and of itself is a big part of the problem. We should all be grateful that a new medium exists that bypasses the traditional and expensive forms of communication. Even with all the misinformation and nonsense on the Internet, there is still enough provocative and informative data and insights to make it impossible to describe it as anything other than incredibly positive.

My Musical Tastes

I listen mainly to Classical Music, from before 1000 A.D. to the present. However, I do like other forms of music:

Some Rock
Some Jazz/Blues
Some Soundtracks
Some Pop
Some Folk
Some Ethnic/World

The music I don't like:

Most New Age
Middle of the Road
so-called "Christian"
Country (except Hank Williams Sr., who may have been a genius, and Patsy Cline)